“Being announced in the Clutch Leader Awards shows our commitment to our customers and the work we produce. We are thrilled with the news and will continue to work our hardest for everyone who trusts us to produce their website.” – Bartek Mis, Co-Founder, Bigger Picture, Poland

Web Designer Clutch award for Bigger Picture

Clutch is a website that ranks and reviews B2B service providers like Bigger Picture. Their website has insights into our market presence, types of clientele, and client reviews. Bigger Picture’s profile on Clutch highlights our design expertise by showing some of our portfolio projects.

A manager of one of our former clients, and electronic systems manufacturer, left a review on Clutch. The project for this client included developing a new website and incorporating UI/UX design. Below is a snapshot of the review on Clutch:

5 star clutch review for Bigger Picture

5 stars for web design!

They gave us 5 stars in all of the categories!

The Marketing Manager also said that:

“The traffic has increased and customers love the user interface. Bigger Picture went above and beyond to meet all needs, while their commitment and ability to establish a positive relationship from the beginning made them easy to work with.”

Customer feedback is important so that we can keep improving our services! So we are thankful to clients that have left reviews on Clutch.

The Manifest is a website that also provides business wisdom about B2B companies, like web developers, advertisers, IT consulting firms, etc. Bigger Picture was listed as a company with some of the best B2B services in Poland. We are glad that our emphasis on quality is being noticed.

Visual Objects is a website where prospective clients can go to visualise our web design capabilities. You can go there to see some of our websites with great design and functionality.

According to Adobe Blog, one of the best practices for web development projects is a clearly defined goal. At Bigger Picture, we set clear goals and expectations with every project we work on.

Being given a Clutch Leader Award shows our commitment to customers. We are thrilled about the news and will continue to put our best foot forward for all our clients.

Contact us today about how we can help your business grow with our web development and design services!

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