Our approach to PPC

  1. Account audit/creation

    Whether you have an existing Google Ads account that needs fine-tuning, or require an entirely new setup, we take time to understand what your business goals are. An audit will then be carried out to highlight wasted spend and assess ad performance, providing us with data that can be used to optimise our work moving forward.

  2. Keyword and competitor research

    We carry out extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and profitable keywords whilst keeping your company's goals and budget in mind. Analysing key competitors helps us understand the playing field and spot opportunity for the greatest return on your investment.

  3. Strategy

    Once all analysis in complete, we compile our findings and work closely with you to develop a long-term strategy for your paid search advertising.

  4. Ad and landing page creation

    As experts in both digital marketing and web design, we have everything from your ad copy to your landing pages carefully crafted for conversion. This means we have full control and can take full responsibility. No blame passing here.

  5. Ongoing campaign management

    As your new campaign(s) are rolled out, we strictly monitor performance to ensure spend is not wasted early on. Our experts then monitor your account daily, take necessary action based on data, and make frequent recommendations such as A/B tests. We look to squeeze all the potential from the campaigns we work on.

  6. Conversion tracking and reporting

    We operate with complete transparency. Expect monthly reporting that highlights where your budget is being spent and why, the results achieved and where they came from, as well as recommendations to help steer further improvements.

Certified Google Ads Partners

You can rely on our PPC experts to deliver time and time again. We are passionate about delivering a real impact and get the results you deserve. But don't just take our word for it. Our status as official Google Partners demonstrates our expertise and understanding of the latest best practices. We have what it takes to drive the success of your PPC campaigns.

Google Partner

High-impact campaigns for high-impact brands

Our expert team of PPC specialists work hard to drive and convert your target audience across a range of platforms.

In-depth keyword analysis

Utilise the most effective keywords for a bigger and better return on your PPC ad campaigns. We take the time to dig deep into your field, making sure the right audience with the right intent is hit from launch using tools such as Google's Keyword Planner.

Ad copy that attracts

PPC ads must not only inspire your audience, but give them a reason to convert. By using the right keywords, language, and calls to action, we craft compelling ad copy that helps your brand stand out.

Landing pages geared to convert

A well-designed PPC campaign only becomes successful with landing pages designed to convert. We design, build, and analyse high-converting landing pages that your brand deserves.

Data-driven insights

We implement the latest Google and third-party technologies to give your PPC campaigns every chance of success. If it's the right thing to do, we'll get it sorted.

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