Web Design Statistics

1. 89% of online customers will shop with a competitor after a poor user experience 

First impressions really do count, and very few visitors are willing to give your website a chance if they have a poor experience the first time they visit.  

 2. Pages with video content keep users on them for 88% longer 

Videos engage users better than images or text. Videos and animations are popular amongst both users and designers because they are captivating and appealing. Videos keep users on your website for longer than and can influence purchasing decisions.  

 3. 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images take too long to load 

These days, people are used to such fast load times, that they’re just not willing to wait. If your website can’t instantly offer the information they need, they’ll find a website that can.  

 Slow load time leads to a high bounce rate and low conversion rates, so make sure you or your web design agency are regularly checking the speed of your site.  

 4. 47% of users expect a maximum of 2 seconds loading time for an average website  

Not only does slow load time cause users to bounce from your site, but it also affects SEO. In fact, Google now uses page speed as a top-ranking factor in their algorithm. 

Essentially, if your site is slow then don't expect to be in position one.  

Luckily, there are lots of changes you can make that can have a big impact on your site speed.  

As a web design agency, we know all the little tips and tricks to speed up your website. Read our previous blog on how to speed up your website and increase conversions in 2021. 

 5. Slow loading websites lead to a $2.6 billion loss in revenue each year 

Website users are generally quite an impatient bunch. But who can blame them for not waiting for a website to load when they’re used to visiting multiple fast-loading websites every day? 

Customers take just 15 seconds to decide if they’re going to purchase with you or not. This means that a slow website will have a negative impact on this decision making process.  

6. 80% of consumers would stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device 

Investing in your website is important. Testing on different devices is a crucial part of the website development process. Content display that looks great on any device will be appreciated by 80% of users.  

7. 85% of customers trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations 

Google reviews, Amazon reviews, eBay reviews...any product review – they hold the power to persuade people about whether they should buy your product.  

 Everybody wants as much information as they can find before investing their hard earned money, so reviews are a helpful tool for many people.  

Good reviews lead to good conversion rates.  

8. 57% of website traffic came from mobile devices in 2019 

2019 was the year of prioritising mobile optimisation. With 63% of all digital ad revenue generated from mobile ads in 2018, it’s no wonder that web designers are pushing to optimise their mobile sites.  

9. 94% of people say first impressions are design-related 

A study found that websites could often be too complex, busy, and an ineffective search feature.  

Remember, first impressions count. It’s important that today’s websites are fast loading, well designed, engaging, and helpful.  

Here are 8 leading design trends to help you lead the way in 2021

10. 36% of website users will click on the company logo to reach the homepage 

Company logos are usually positioned in the top left hand corner of a website. Most users will expect a logo click to take them back to the homepage. It’s small details like this that can often be missed during the design process.  

11. 78% of shoppers want e-commerce sites to include more images on their product pages. 

Information is key, and the more information that a customer has on a product, the happier and more trusting they will be. This includes product images. 

Think about it, are you likely to buy a product based on one or two pictures? Or, are you more likely to purchase if you can see the product image in different positions, environments, colours?  

Give your customers all the information they need to make a faster decision.   

12. 73% of companies say they are investing in design to make their brand unique 

Distinguished design is a must in 2021. If you want to be unique and be remembered by your audience, consider the importance of web design. 

13. Users will spend 5.94 seconds on average looking at a website’s main image 

To make a fast and lasting impression on your audience, your website should have a clear, simple image that summarises your brand message in one glimpse. 

14. 62% of companies that designed responsive mobile platforms for their website’s managed to increase their sales 

Google now evaluates the quality of your responsive design when considering where to rank your website in the search results. Responsive mobile design is one of the top elements you should be monitoring. 

Digital Marketing Statistics

15. 56% of online shoppers say that being presented with unexpected costs will cause them to leave without making a purchase.  

It usually goes something like this. Your customer adds their chosen items to the basket. They’re ready to make a purchase with you. But when they get to the checkout page, the cost of items is higher than they originally thought. They feel confused and misled. 

Additional costs (like VAT) that aren’t clearly displayed on the product page can cause customers to change their decision about making a purchase. In fact, 56% of people say that they won’t make a purchase at all.  

Be clear about your pricing from the beginning to avoid issues like this, and improve your digital marketing efforts. 

16. Sending 3 abandoned cart emails results in 69% more orders, compared with just one email 

Persistence is key! Reduce the number of abandoned carts by gently reminding your customers to come back and complete their purchase. It works.  

17. Welcome emails have an average open rate of 82%  

With an 82% open rate, welcome emails are a great opportunity to entice your new customer to make a purchase. Many brands offer discounts off first purchases to encourage new customers to make their first order.  

18. Personalised emails will receive a transaction rate that is 6x higher. Only 30% of brands use personalised emails. 

 Personalised emails go beyond remembering your customer name. Personalisation can include some of the following techniques: 

  • Behaviour-triggered emails 
  • Relevant content 
  • Timely / location-based emails 
  • Product recommendations 
  • Cart abandonment  

A great opportunity that only 30% of companies are currently using. Improve your email marketing campaigns by making your emails super personal.  

19. 49% of all emails are opened on mobile devices 

Take this as a reminder to double check that your email campaigns display well on mobile, as well as desktop. 

An email campaign that looks great on desktop, might not deliver the same effect on a mobile device. Consider the length of headlines & text and the size of the images used.  

20. 85% of mobile advertisers believe that they’re providing a positive user experience. Just 47% of users agree.  

You think your user experience is pretty much perfect. Your customers disagree.  

A great statistic that highlights the importance of market research and finding out what your customers really think. 

Find out what your customers do and don’t like about your site. Use your findings to make improvements and see things through your users’ eyes.   

21. 60% of people have only started using voice search within the past year 

With 60% of people only starting to use voice search in the past year, it’s clear this is still an emerging trend. But it’s only to become more popular in the coming years.  

Techniques such as using conversational language is a great way to start optimising for voice search. 

When we search on desktop, we might type “chocolate cake recipe”. 

But if we use our voice, we might ask “Hey Alexa, how do I make a chocolate cake at home?”   

See the difference? Other techniques include optimising for local SEO and including long-tail phrases and keywords in your content.  

22. The average word length of content that ranks on page 1 of Google is 1,890 words 

Quality over quantity is a phrase that’s been around for years, and it still applies in the digital marketing industry. Google has always been focused on serving their users the highest quality content.  

But it’s no coincidence that the highest-ranking content on page 1 of Google generally has a high word count.  

It’s not long articles alone that will make you rank. But long articles tend to receive lots of backlinks, which is a huge ranking factor when it comes to SEO.

23. Asking for a phone number has the worst impact on conversion rates  

Are phone numbers crucial in order to qualify your leads? If not, leave this field out of your form.   

Asking for a phone number from a new customer has a negative effect on conversion rates. So, unless your business relies on post-enquiry sales calls, avoid asking your users for this data.  

Not many people like to speak to people they don’t know on the phone.  

24. Companies that use a blog on their website receive 55% more web traffic  

Blogs are a great opportunity for brands to speak about topics relevant to their business.  

These blogs are then indexed by Google and served to users who search for keywords that might be used in that blog. 

More blogs mean more website visitors. And more website visitors mean more people that could potentially convert to leads.  

25. Just 22% of companies are satisfied with their current conversion rates 

There’s always plenty of room for improvement in the world of marketing.  

 It’s important to adapt to the ever-changing marketing landscape. Relevant landing pages, mobile optimisation and conversion rate optimisation are all techniques to consider when trying to improve conversion rates.  

26. Global ad spend is set to reach $605 billion in 2020. This is a 4.2% increase from 2019. 

More and more people are turning to platforms like Google ads to increase their online exposure. That’s why global ad spend is increasing each year.  

27. 28% of people who perform a local voice search will go on to call or visit the business 

Voice searches are being used more each year, and they drive a lot of inbound calls for local businesses.  

Calls are the most common action after local voice search. Ensure your business is optimised for local SEO by utilising platforms like Google My Business.  

28. Callers convert 30% faster than website leads 

People who call businesses are often in need of immediate assistance. They will call a business to find an immediate answer. They don’t have time to send an email and wait for a response. 

Callers also spend an average of 28% more than web leads. This is because they are further along the customer journey and are in ‘purchase mode’. Callers are valuable leads to all businesses, and it’s a marketing channel that should not be ignored.   

29. 72% of people prefer watching a video to learn about a product or service 

Video is a convenient and effective way of communicating with customers.   

In a study where both text and video were available to the customer on the same page, 72% of people chose to watch the video to learn about a product or service.  

30. 62% of customers now expect companies to anticipate their needs.  

Exceeding customer expectations in 2021 is critical. With more choice and more information available, there is less reason to stay loyal to brands. 

In fact, 67% of customers now say that their standards for good experience are higher than ever. The pressure is on for online businesses to perform.  

With all the personal data that users give to companies, and user expectations higher than ever, it’s no wonder that 62% of customers now expect companies to anticipate their future needs.  

How to dominate in 2021

Website design and marketing statistics give us a guide to create a more successful online presence for our brand.  

Each statistic provides an insight into potential improvements we can make to our website and marketing campaigns, to dominate the online space and ultimately achieve more sales. 

If you're looking to get to the next level of your digital efforts, we know exactly how to make web design and digital marketing work. Visit our design studio in Basingstoke, Hampshire or drop us a line. We'd love to talk.

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