The Bigger Picture team have been working closely with Space Interior Systems over the past few months to create a new website. The time has come to announce the launch… Hooray!

The web design

It began with a short trip to the outskirts of Hampshire to hold a workshop with Space Interior Systems. We discussed Space’s brand, audience and objectives in order to come up with a value proposition, user journey’s and ultimately, a digital experience strategy right for the people its attended for.

From here we could start our creative process. We had the strategy in place, so it was time for our web design team to create homepage prototypes followed by a flexible design system. Our design process involves creating a set of design building blocks, giving Space more freedom than rigid templates  whilst staying true to the brand and design we create. Because if this design process, every page can be optimised and managed with so much flexibility in Alfred, our Laravel based CMS. If you’re interested check out the atomic design methodology by Brad Frost. It’s how we design most of our digital experiences to be super powerful when it comes to content management.

Design system for Space Interior

The web development

At Bigger Picture, our web development team produce code that is amongst the best in the world, and for Space Interior Systems, we did exactly that. 100/100 from Google Page Speed Insights. How did we do this you ask? By injecting CSS into HTML, implementing image source sets alongside technology like ImgIX and optimising every bit of code. A pat on the back for us!

Space Interior Systems 100/100 page speed

The result

A website with a clear journey and messaging, helping visitors quickly understand what Space Interior Systems can do for them. With a CTA to view projects above the fold of the page, users can instantly dive into recent work Space have completed and engage with what interests them, Space Interiors work. 

The new website is designed form the ground up for Space, powerful in its content management and contains code that is optimised for lightning fast load times.

Space Interior's about us page
Space Interior's pojects page

View the website here >


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