Introducing Your Digital Heroes

Aquamarine, est. 2015, are a team of digital and search marketing specialists in Exeter who believe in honest advice and great results. Leave the smoke and mirrors, lengthy contracts and skewed reports behind. Get the results you deserve.

The Brand

These days your digital footprint is your brand. Logo's aren't static images that sit on pieces of paper anymore either. They're alive. Your brand, your website and your logo are the holy trinity of how people see you in the digital world of 2019 - so we created a brand that was alive, had personality and made an impact. Now enough buzz-words, check it out for yourself on our case study.

The Website

When it came to designing the website, I can't tell you how full of ideas I was. By the end of that long conversation with our development team, they were a mix of excited and scared to say the least. Immediately as you come onto the website you're presented with an opportunity for some fun. Click your way around the header and watch as shapes pop out and float around for your amusement. 

View Website

We also developed a rich illustration style for Aquamarine to further bring the brand to life – you’ll see many fun illustrations around the website that help bring their quirky and fun personality through. 


It's always exciting putting your work out into the world, and to have our peers judge us is just about the scariest way to do that - the results are in though and CSS Design Awards have given us the honor of a Special Kudos as well as UI, UX and Innovation awards for our hard work. Thanks guys!

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