Pulling together when we’re pushed apart

I genuinely have no idea where we would be right now without Slack and Zoom. We have too many Slack channels to count and have spoken to my team more in the last couple of weeks vs the last couple when we were in the office. Why? Well, working with our amazing clients, we deserve to pat our own backs.

4 launches in the comfort of our own home

Sounds more relaxing than it really was, but we did it.

Launch 1. Birkdale Website.

Birkdale Website

A leading brand for fencing products and accessories needed a leading website. Content, design and development all taken care of and managed through Alfred CMS. This is just the start of good things to come for the new Birkdale website and we have lots more exciting features planned. 

Visit Birkdale Website

Launch 2. Clevertouch Website.

Clevertouch Website

Hampshire based Clevertouch went through a rebrand and needed a creative digital agency to produce a website that reflected their new brand. Working with their marketing team we went through the discovery, creative and development phases to create a brand new digital home for the Martech experts.

Visit Clevertouch Website

Launch 3. Hampshire Light.

Hampshire Light Website

We went through a subtle rebrand and website overhaul for Hampshire Light, a luxury lighting design consultancy. We worked with the existing design and technology, produced by us a couple of years ago. It stood the test of time and won multiple design and development awards, but needed an update to keep inline with the brand’s vision. We collaborated to produce new messaging and laid the foundations for a new digital marketing strategy. After creating a new design, we went through a development process and integrated the updates into Alfred CMS.

Visit Hampshire Light Website

Launch 4. TitanFX.

Titan FX Website

Based in Vanuatu (you know where that is, right?!?!?), we collaborated with the Forex Trading professionals to develop their brand new website. We added creative touches and micro-interactions to their design, paired with a performance-driven build process. The user experience quickly started to take place and once the front-end was complete, we integrated Alfred CMS, our Laravel based content management system. Multi-language population, search engine optimisation and third-party integration all sorted, we configured the server for speed and security before launching.

Visit Titan FX Website

Lot's more to come

Each launch involved huge effort and collaboration. Every one of our clients is amazing and the last few weeks prove we can accomplish anything when we work together. We’re here to help your business navigate these challenging times too. Using smart marketing, creative design and thoughtful development, we'll get through this together. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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