How favicons affect Google search results [mobile update]

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Towards the end of May 2019, Google began making small changes to how search results on mobile appear. What was changed? A new black label for ads and favicons added to organic search results. But what do these changes mean?

The outcome…

A less noticeable black ad label and favicon that helps users identify websites.

With the ad label going from green to black, ads are definitely less distinguishable from the organic search results. This may be a positive for advertisers trying to conceal they’re paying to appear at the top of the search results, but for others it may be frustrating. Why? Content becomes more disguised with paid placements and so users could be misled into clicking the wrong site, find they’re in the wrong place and give up.

Enough about the new black ad label, let’s get into how favicons affect search results and click through rates.

How favicons could affect your CTR

According to Google, this update will help users scan through the search results quickly to find what they're looking for easier.

A favicon that catches the attention of a user is more likely to attract clicks, which results in better click through rates (CTRs). Although Google do not state that CTR is part of their ranking algorithm, many SEOs in the community believe it is (and we agree). Therefore, with a higher click through rate, you’ll be giving your site a better chance at ranking. So, not only will you be catching the attention of searchers more, you’ll be increasing your brands awareness and ability to rank for higher for targeted keywords.

In short, create a favicon that stands out and promotes your brand - you’ll see positive results.

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