New brand. New labels. New website.

As with all our customers, we keep communication and website updates flowing (pun intended), but when we heard a brand refresh and new labels were in production, we knew there was a chance to get creative and take the website design further.

Floating Bottle Design Concept by Bigger Picture

Home page design

A new home page was designed to reflect the current product lines. Taking the updated label designs as inspiration, a variety of texture and pattern backgrounds were used along with subtle hover animations that zoom into the area of interest.

Our Story design

Over the last year additional pages were added to the site using our super easy to use CMS, Alfred. The website was always about the buying journey, so we took this opportunity to reduce the number of pages in the menu to focus on the wonderful products. we managed to combine several pages by designing a brand new Our Story page.

New product menu design

To keep the theme running from the new home page design, the product menu uses the same background textures and patterns. Users jump between categories and products with a menu that always matches the screen being viewed.

More subtle changes that make a big difference

New colours and typography have been implemented to compliment the brand update to give the site a refreshed look and feel.

Web Design Updates

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